Frequently Asked Questions

What types of trucks are you dealing with?

We offer dispatching services for almost every type of vehicle you may use for freight transportation services. Majorly our customers are the owners and operators of dry vans or flatbeds. We also can help reefers and power-only trucks as well. In any case, you can apply for a consultation to decide whether our dispatching services will suit you and your vehicle park.

Are your services more profitable than acting on my own? I need to pay for them, so maybe, I can cope myself?

Of course, we are not a charity organization and we provided payments for our services. Yet you can calculate how much will it cost you to manage an ad campaign and create a workable concept. Then, compare the sum with our services’ rates. That is the most powerful argument to choose us.

Do you provide only long-termed contracts?

Of course, our company is interested in making long-termed relationships with each client. Yet it is not a limitation! Even if you need just a single action to help your business to grow, we will gladly provide you with it. In the end, maybe, in future, our help will be the most important reason to contact us for a longer relationship.

Do you offer consultations for your customers?

We are well aware that when you start your logistics business, you may not understand at all what exactly you need and what features are required to maintain your well-being. We ourselves were in your place once. This helps our company to find common ground with all customers, relieve their pain, and understand exactly what information will be dramatically important for our customers. Be sure that we always keep our finger on the pulse and offer only effective and up-to-date solutions.

Is my MC authority a must for concluding an agreement with your company?

We try our best to choose reliable partners both from the client’s side and from the sipping/brokering industry. For truck drivers or fleet owners, we suggest MC permits be a must. Please, provide our managers with the approval you’ve got from the MC authority.

How can my insurance certificates impact my work?

It is your civic duty to be certified by an insurance company. Especially if you regularly spend time driving your car. You do not need to constantly present an insurance certificate, but you can be sure that as long as you have an up-to-date insurance certificate, you are doubly protected. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you renew your insurance certificate or renegotiate it from time to time.

Can your accountant managers provide me with tax returning paperwork?

This routine is a must if you want your cash flow to increase due to earned earlier money. Our specialists can provide you with both up-to-date information about your tenures. Besides, we can advise you on the most profitable ways of passive income available for you.

I hate filing in the documents for a truck. Can you help me with this?

That is a part of our work! We offer trucking dispatching documents services that include documentary flow and compliance among all the other features.

Are you novice-friendly?

Lots of newcomers launch and then leave the industry as they have no idea what to do right after the registration. That’s a wrong strategy that leads to emptiness. Instead, we offer you to evaluate our help for newcomers to the industry. We always are ready to consult all the freshers on the questions about their happy start in the truck transportation business.

Besides, our clients get overall support and help in all areas we deal with including accounting, clients’ search, rates negotiations, and truck maintenance.

Can you deduct my expenses as an owner-operator?

There is nothing tough in that. If you still have some difficulties with accounting management working for you, you can apply for our help and get it in full. We will gladly calculate all the future expenses for you to schedule your development or just to forecast your expenses to launch your own business.

Can I file my IFTA taxes in your office?

We will be glad to provide you with this option. Besides, your dedicated assistant can do this for you. In case you have some troubles with filing documents for IFTA, we will guide you through this process to help you coping with the task.

Do you have software solutions for fleet owners?

We cannot say we have a full-fledged solution for truck owners and fleet operators. But we offer our special system to manage accounting routines and truck orders provided by our pros.

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