A Bit About Us

Providing Full Range Of Transportation Worldwide

Who are we?

First of all, we are skilled pros who had spent no less than a decade
working in the logistics industry.

At that time we were faced with lots of pitfalls each truck fleet owner or driver stick to on their way.

We decided to help you get rid of them to create your business in a friendly and helpful environment.

We pride ourselves on providing the best transport and shipping services available allover the world.

Our skilled personnel, utilising the latest communications, tracking and combined with experience through integrated supply chain solutions!


Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.


We provide with cargo safety throughout all the stages of our delivery process.

This is what we do for each client

Our principles of work include

Customized dispatch services

When you join us, we go above and beyond to take care of your needs and goals, taking all the dispatching services, paperwork, accounting and billing on our own. You get what you actually need from us.

Your dedicated assistant

You have no need to do all the things yourself. Your dedicated assistant will do it for you! Get help from a specialist who will ease your business in multiple ways.

The highest possible rates for you

Getting in trouble with rates is a common thing. Yet in our company, you’ll get the highest of them with no problem.

End-to-end support

We are your mediators in all the disputes you may start. Your relations with insurance companies, brokers, receivers, load owners, and other parts of your contract are up to us to maintain.

ASAP payments

Get your money right at the moment your work is done. We’ll take care of all the paperwork for this.

Paperwork done

You will avoid this if you handle the task with our managers. All the papers will be done timely to provide impeccable accounting for you.

Main Benefits of Working With Us

How we work


We offer the highest levels of safety for truck drivers, fleet owners, brokers, and freight customers.


Years of successful work in the industry show that we are reliable partners.

Highest rates

Our negotiation skills help us to get the highest rates to make your work the most profitable.

Full-fledged back-office work

We handle all of it for you.

Around-the-clock support

We are at your hand in a 24/7 mode.


Our accounting, billing, freight forward, and management expertise are at your service.

Some Facts About Us in Numbers

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Who Are Our Clients

We are glad to deal with all the carriers and truck fleet owners who want to ease their everyday working routines by applying to our services.
Here is the list of vehicles we work with. Yet even if you search for logistics dispatching services for an uncommon fleet, you are welcome to apply for Caravan Dispatch services.
Surely, we’ll find out how we can help you.

What vehicles do we work with?

Dry Van

The most required type of truck to carry various loads is no doubt a dry van. But you may need some help to get more profit from your dry van fleet. We offer you all kinds of services to run your business using dry vans and to gain success in your business.

Step Deck

When you need to carry special oversized and overweight loads, it is a step-deck you use, don’t you? We do understand the highest level of responsibility you carry out when using that type of vehicle. In our company, you can get all the services fordispatching, administration, accounting, and logistics of your step deck fleet.

Power Only

Power only can be no less profitable vehicle in your fleet than any other. Just appreciate the opportunities we offer you for getting the best contracts and operating with the most reliable partners provided by our company. Get profit from your power-only trucks with us!


No need to say that boxtrucks are one of the most convenient trucks to get the best freight orders. You can make your boxtruck fleet even more profitable by delegating paperwork and contractor search to our company. No more deadhead routes and high fees to pay to brokers. You will work for your sake only!


Carrying loads that need a very special temperature mode and climate may be a daunting task. Not with our services! You can get from your reefer as much money as it is possible when applying for our services. We’ll provide you with all you need just to use the fleet for your profit.


Make your flatbed vehicles even more profitable with Caravan Dispatch. We’ll make these heavyweight workhorses work for you 24/7 in the most economic mode with maximum efficiency. Get the best opportunities for your business from us!


Even having such a small-weight vehicle like a hotshot can be profitable for you. We can prove it! You can get the most profitable delivery orders from us and manage all the documentary flow to make your hotshot work for your income.

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