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Specific Features

Get all the factoring services for truck owners/operators to make the right business decisions. We’ll provide you with an overall evaluation of risks and factoring services to get profit.

• Expertise as the basis of clients support
• Only reliable factoring companies as partners
• The fastest terms of payments (within 24-48 hours)
• Fair percentage for factoring services

What Factoring Services you can get

We are not a factoring company. But we can assist you to make the right choice among the most reliable factoring companies.

What is factoring?
When you work as a truck driver or a fleet owner, you surely have faced the situation when the load is delivered, all the documents are signed, but the payment is still on hold. It is essential as usually, it takes from 1 to 3 months to process the transaction to a truck company from a carrier or a broker.
On another hand, you need to proceed with urgent payments daily including some penalties, taxes, fuel purchases, and so on.
What to do in that case?
Putting the business on hold is not a good idea. Instead, you can get factoring services to get cash right now without delays.
The factoring model’s essence is in when you sell your completed order to a factoring company for a certain percentage. As a result, you get money from the factoring company and it, subsequently, gets payment from your counterpart according to the completed order’s terms.
Besides, the factoring company gets some commissions from you.

Benefits of Getting Factoring Services for Truck Owners/Owner-Operators from our Partner Factoring Companies

• Full security of factoring services for truck drivers.
Our partner factoring companies work fully transparently to provide you with the highest level of services you need.
• The most affordable percentage.
Of course, you need to pay for factoring services not to stop your cash flow and get money in a timely. But our partners offer the most comfortable and careful conditions for the factoring services.
• Fast payout time.
Get the urgent factoring services to meet your expectations and help you to get the money you need here and now
• Full documentary coverage.
Our pros will do all the paperwork for you to get all the basis for successful factoring services’ use.
• Experts’ support 24/7.
We work around the clock to help you in your business growth. So, you are welcome to apply for the most suitable factoring solutions for truck driving operators any time you need them.
• Fast documentation analyses.
Factoring is based on full document support and you need to provide the company you deal with with a certain pack of papers including your current accounts age, financial statements, invoices, licenses, and the pack of documents for the order you sell to a factoring company.
In Caravan Dispatch, we adhere to trust and partnership and we provide the simplest list of documents to get factoring services for truck drivers and fleet owners.
It saves you time and costs.

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